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Castle Crashing… Literally

Castle Crashing… Literally

I think it’s fair to assume that most people know what kickstarter is. It’s a system that project leaders use to potentially gain funding and hopefully finish proposed projects. What most people don’t know is that LEGO™ has a similar system called Cuusoo.  The difference is that once a project idea reaches 10,000 supporters it goes into a quarterly pool of other projects that have reached the same amount of supporters. Every quarter LEGO™  reviews this pool for potential future LEGO™ products. If a product is chosen the project leader will receive 1% of the total net sales.  In fact, LEGO™ Minecraft got its start from this very system.  Now another project has been proposed that potentially could be as big as Minecraft.

Castle Crashers is an amazing side-scrolling, mid-evil hack-n-slash game that was released for both XBLA and PSN. I played the game when it was released and had a blast with it. The game was surprising deep and the combat was smooth and satisfying. An idea has been posed to make this addicting game into a LEGO™ set.  All of us at Twonk Hammer think that this idea is fabulous.  It would be hilariously fun to literally Castle Crash. We think that this project fits with what LEGO™ did with Minecraft.

If you think like we do, please go support this project! This project has our full support. Let’s make it a reality! 


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Dan is a writer and an editor for the Twonk Hammer Entertainment Network. His job description also includes podcaster, where he is currently one of the hosts of THE Ban Hammer. Outside of the Twonk Hammer family he is a college student studying Human Services. With his free time he enjoys being a part of the nerdverse playing games ranging from electronic to board. When asked what his favorite type of game was he gave a simple response, “RPG”.

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  1. I cant count how many hours ive played this game on the 360!

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