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TESOcast – Ep 0 – The Pilot
Twonk Hammer Entertainment's TESOcast is a fan podcast for The Elder Scrolls Online

TESOcast – Ep 0 – The Pilot

Welcome to Twonk Hammer Entertainment’s first episode of TESOcast.  A podcast based on Zenimax Online’s upcoming title The Elder Scrolls Online.  In this pilot epiosde you are introduced to two of our hosts Samm and Tom, previously of TOROcast and currently of The Ban Hammer.  To keep conent going for this week’s episode we filled the show with a few topics of conversation regarding beta signups and ESO’s first cinematic trailer by Blur Studio.

We are working on getting TESOcast.com setup so within the next few weeks you can expect a full blown website and forums shared between our other sites, TOROcast.com and TwonkHammer.com with specific sections setup for each site.  Please feel free to comment on our episode and let us know what you think.

About Samm Carbo

Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. Woah…What the hell is going on in here?! At least it’s not about JRPGs…. ~_^

    Keep it up/Great stuff!

  2. good to hear from you again sam, been a while since SWTOR

  3. Looking forward to seeing what TESO has in store for us.

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