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TESOcast – Ep 9 – Dynamic vs. Static

TESOcast – Ep 9 – Dynamic vs. Static

Join Road, Tom and Carlos as they discuss this week’s ESO news. In this episode, Carlos thinks Road’s insane, Road agrees, and Tom struggles to bring reason to an otherwise heated discussion on Dynamic versus Static Gear loot. Don’t forget to listen after the outro, there might be a little extra drop of knowledge.

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  1. You know at the end of the podcast, instead of saying you took an arrow to the knee, you should say you took a podcast to the knee πŸ˜›

  2. I really like Roads idea of build a common drop with good base stats to a item of end boss stats.
    Even the idea of breaking that item as a chance to make it harder to gain that high end item stat.
    To me that is close to the same idea of going on a big raid and not getting the end boss item in the roll.

    Hopefully they make crafting more skill based like EQ2 so it will be more involving and not just collect these items and bring them together and you have awesome gear.

  3. I like the idea of rewarding people for different styles of play. If a player isn’t a hard core raider, they should have the chance to have just as epic items doing their own thing. grinding mats for 6 months is freaking hard, that deserves a reward. Showing up to a raid that someone else organized to stand back and click your dots isn’t exactly labour intensive, but I understand why it is rewarded. I think one way to balance things like the crafted items in wow is making them more than just a grind. They should link in to quests, send you across the world in a story arch or maybe even require a bit of small group raiding. It’s really hard to balance EVERYTHING but there are some new ways to look at stuff I’m sure.

    • I like that idea of having quests to reward you with items to be used in crafting. The problem we are finding is that in MMO’s you can get high end gear but you have to either grind instances or raids to get them. So it kind of nullify’s the point. They need to find a right balance of people that kill big monsters and those who can’t to get the same accomplishment of gaining gear and progression as everyone else.

      I do not envy the designers πŸ˜›

  4. Just wanted to chime in about a couple things. I was a hardcore raider in WoW and I tend to play any other game hardcore until I see something about it I don’t like (and quit).

    It’s my opinion that the current trend is that hardcore players looking for the next great experience create “buzz” about games that really get them excited. This same tendency is shown when they feel particularly against a game they’ve gotten hyped up about (cough cough D3). They’re just as capable of generating negative press and opinion as they are positive, and frequently they do so.

    Case in point: Path of Exile EXPLODED thanks to D3’s hardcore community getting gut punched early on in D3’s release. Their press releases for months included jokes specifically relating to pre-release developer catchphrases the hardcore players followed (we doubled it comes to mind). POE had a ridiculously successful release, has obsessively catered to ex-D3 fans, and is still going very, very strong.

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