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TESOCast – EP 10 – Gather, Explore and More!

TESOCast – EP 10 – Gather, Explore and More!

Once again, join Carlos, Tom and Road for another episode of TESOCast, where we discuss this weeks limited, but awesome news. Can a single video (an awesome one) spark the entirety of this week’s Discussion of the Week? Spoiler: Absolutely.


In the News:


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About Road

I am the Anonymous Talking Head of Twonk Hammer Entertainment with a lust for video games, and podcasting about them.


  1. One of the best episodes so far!. Loved especially the discussion about potions:) Just you wait Allastair, fishing will be your guilty pleasure i ESO;)

  2. About this cast:

    If crafting is too easy, it will lose any relevance.
    I really don’t care if it takes 1 hour or 1 week to get max level in that crafting.
    But it should be hard/expensive to get the ingredients for it.


    – Will there be infinite radiant quests? (dynamically generating game content) … I hope not.

    – Can we play ESO with Lynux OS?

    – Who much importance is Zenimax giving to the Economy? Ready to face Bot’s and Gold farmers and real world game money trades?

    – Can I fly (fly spell of morrowind)?

    – Can we unlock chests with magic?

  3. You guys are great! Keep up the good work.

    Unfortunately, I’ve decided to not play tESO on PC given the E3 announcements. Now, I will switch my PC MMO focus over to WildStar.

    I will continue to be a fan of TwonkHammer however and look forward to more awesome work from the site.

    Peace and hairgrease tesocast! =)

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