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TESOCast – Ep 11 – Full Circle

TESOCast – Ep 11 – Full Circle

Recorded during Tom’s usual resting hours, join Carlos and Road in this week’s episode as they discuss the Ask Us Anything about Gathering and Exploration, the previous week’s focus of speculation. While this week’s episode lacks a Discussion of the Week, never fear, as we have enough Mailbag questions to make up for it! Warning: Road may prove completely incapable of reading out loud.

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I am the Anonymous Talking Head of Twonk Hammer Entertainment with a lust for video games, and podcasting about them.

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  1. You were talking about getting skill points for all the trees. Weapon trees, armor, class, and race. I recall them talking about even after you reach max level your character still has a long way to go to. You could still learn different skill even if you max level.
    That being said, it seems skill progression is not directly related on what level you are. It is in the skill tree itself. How much you use something the better you are. So in the end you could have everything unlocked that you have access to, but you can still only pick those 6 skills for your bar.

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