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TESOCast Episode – 14 – Challenge Accepted

TESOCast Episode – 14 – Challenge Accepted

Have a listen as Carlos, Tom and Road are joined by Evarwyn and Joe from Elder Scrolls Off the Record. With E3 just wrapping up, there’s a plethora of subjects to discuss, and tons of big news to go over; so much that three hosts just simply wasn’t enough. If the reveals aren’t enough for you, listen as The Naked Nord challenges the Paladin of Meridia to a duel, before Road challenges Joe and Evarwyn to take his interpretation of “The Naked Nord Challenge”! (Fun fact: Road was completely unaware that a Naked Nord Challenge already existed, and he feels that his is in fact superior.) If you feel you’re up to the Challenge, why not take it yourself? Be sure to comment below with your exploits!

In the News:

Road’s Naked Nord Challenge:

Race: Nord

Equips: Boots, Necklace, Ring, Circlet (Preferably no Armor), Two-Handed Weapon (Preferably Two-Handed Sword)

Magic Restriction: None

Shouts Restriction: None

Difficulty Preference: None

Want to promote your Naked Nordness? Make sure to use the Hashtag #NakedNord on Twitter!



You can find both Evarwyn @Evarwyn and Joe @TheWigit here.



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