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TESOCast – Ep 18 – The Sage Knows All

TESOCast – Ep 18 – The Sage Knows All

Strap yourselves in, folks, because this creaky wagon ride is going to be a long one! Carlos, Road and Ryan/Garbrac are back for another audio adventure with this week’s TESOCast! What draws you to ESO? Where did your Elder Scrolls Aventuring begin? While the cast handles these questions, Paul Sage answers yours via MMORPG. This week, the Sage tells all…

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  1. When it comes to the armor and stats, I think you will be able to use Alchemy to carry stats from one set to another

    • That is a awesome idea if they did that. The ability to wear the outfit you want and have a crafter transfer the stats over. Is this something that is in the Single Player Elder Scrolls Games?

      • For the most part yes, Alchemy is in the elder scroll games. You break down the armor/weapon or even jewelry to get whatever the item was enchanted with, you than could put that same enchantment on your weapon/armor, this is all depending on your enchantment level if you have a low level then the enchantment might be lower but if you have perks and a high level of enchantments then the item will have a greater version of the enchantment you took off the item

        This could be done in TESO with stats easily IMOP

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