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TESOCast – Ep 20 – A Morndas Worth Discussing

TESOCast – Ep 20 – A Morndas Worth Discussing

We’re back, and the TESO-Trio (Carlos, Ryan and Road) have a near literal ton of information to discuss! Be it RP, QuakeCon, Mage Guild ponderings, and even a Public Service Announcement can all be found (and discussed) within! NDA Breakers beware, Zenimax is watching you!


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  1. The trade guild system is able to trade to Everyone….Not just guild members, It’s a way to put up an AH to sell what the guildies make to the rest of the server…That’s basically all they’ve said about it.

    That whole rant at the beginning TESOCast was completely based on conjecture. That’s not how you guys roll normally.

    • Does the guild get a cut? If so, in what currency?

    • The Guild Market is only availible to members of that guild. Anyone outside the guild can not see it. You’ll be able to use up to 5 guild markets t any given time. Now you’ll still have the ability to openly trade with a member of your faction doing a manual transaction.

      • Hmm. that not what I’ve read…Could be I misinterpreted what I had…Please link the source to this info?

        • Even So, If that’s the case: The system is just basically a guild bank that members can cheaply sell mats/BoEs etc to one another at cheap costs or w/e. How is that a “community breaking” mechanic?

          Guildies generally sell to one another at cheaper rates anyway (don’t they?), and a process to streamline this or to pass items, mats, etc w/i a guild system in a way that doesn’t just equate to stacking a G-Bank full and setting access to FFA is a great idea. It allows the poster/seller to make what they have in stock viewable/obtainable while at the same time letting them get something in return currency.

          The argument that someone will buy cheap from w/i their respective guild markets & resell at a mark-up is inconsequential…Sure people will do that. That said, so what? If the price they are selling the items at is higher then the open market prices then buyers have the option to not pay it. If the price is lower…That all involved (from the original poster [who got what they wanted for it], through the market buyer/re-seller [saw a way to move currency/materials] onto the end buyer [likely bought is cheaper then they could elsewhere ) win.

  2. The skill morphing looks pretty cool! I’d like to see the the full map for a sample set of skills!

  3. Wondering if anyone else noticed there was the quick slot for “Q” which we had been told was for potions. Or at least other consumables there. During the live show Nick had his horse quick slotted there. Seems like a little more inconvenience switching between potions and your mount. Should be able to hotkey your mount without having quick slot it on your action bar.

    • I didn’t notice that, but I see your point. Imagine you’re fighting in PvP, you’re getting low on health you hit Q to pop a health potion and add of a sudden you’re mounted. Or you’re trying to run away from someone you finally get a bit of a gap between them and yourself, you hit Q to mount and you use a health potion instead.

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