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TESOCast – Ep 26 – Dare to Compare

TESOCast – Ep 26 – Dare to Compare

In this week’s Episode, we discuss whether comparing The Old Republic to The Elder Scrolls Online is fair–We dare to compare! Also, watch out for Triceraptors, or as they call them in ESO, Clannfears!

Sorry for the delayed release, but the Naked Nord had been spirited away by the Dark Brotherhood, who had taken in interest in his destructive skills in hacking things to pieces whilst being entirely naked! As a result, the show had to be delayed until the Naked Nord was able to demonstrate his ability in hacking things apart with the only things nearby: The Dark Brotherhood themselves! There was much rejoicing. How can you edit an episode without a Naked Nord to CUT it for you, eh? (Sorry folks, I was sick and fatigued for a few days, just enough for it to make its way out of my mind, where I spend most of my time!)


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