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TESOCast – Episode 29 – Define Difficult

TESOCast – Episode 29 – Define Difficult

What makes an MMO an MMO? What makes your MMO of choice difficult to you? What about the social element? Carlos, Ethan, Ryan and Road take these questions into consideration, while also discussing the new Character Creation Video, the latest Ask Us Anything, and finally tell a few terrible, horrible jokes, inspired by the latest Dev Question of the Week. Kick back and enjoy!


A few terrible responses to the latest Dev Question of the Week, courtesy of Road:
“You ever hear the one about the Khajiit that snuck up on the Naked Nord and stole his pants? Yeah, neither have I.”
“Why’d the Aldmeri Dominion go to war? They thought they had a chance.”


In the News:


About Road

I am the Anonymous Talking Head of Twonk Hammer Entertainment with a lust for video games, and podcasting about them.

One comment

  1. If a game cannot be lost, it is not a game. Games have two outcomes, winning, and losing.

    Too many games these days have next to no chance of losing, they are not actually GAMES. Games like EQ, DAoC, UO, Age of Conan, Guild Wars 2, games where you can actually die, and do so right from the begining, are what MMOs should be about.

    MMOs are slowly turning into MOs, taking out that multiplayer M. I understand a lot of people want to solo, but thats not what this genre has EVER been about, and I am sad to see that’s what it’s turning into. A single player game, online. Get an xbox or teamspeak, and play a single player game while chit chatting with friends if you want to solo. Leave hte MMO genre to the multiplayer people.

    I want to get my butt kicked out hte door if I don’t make some friends to help me. Ah….everquest *wipes a tear* I miss you.

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