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Elder Scrolls Online Podcast: TESOCast – Ep 36 – We’re Off to a Start

Elder Scrolls Online Podcast: TESOCast – Ep 36 – We’re Off to a Start

We weren’t here for the Holidays, but let’s be honest, what’s a holiday meal without a Roast? So we’re going to start the year off with a great big meal of content, and our Roast will be Forbes. We’re not off to a good start, or a bad one… We’re just off to a start. Welcome to 2014.

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  1. Ethan, stop being a snarky mean-spirited little nerd. You talk about swtor as being a “bad mmo” when it is likely 2nd only to WoW in number of people who play it. Bear in mind, this number is further skewed by the fact that swtor had a terrible launch due to being pushed out too early by EA. WoW on the other hand has retained a large player base due to it’s having been the “first” (and perhaps only) mmo to rise into mainstream consciousness.
    Much of the current player base continue to play WoW because their friends are playing it and the social media, “facebookification” found within…this causes an effect that helps retention levels significantly. I come from WoW and I pinky swear that swtor is better if only because it is not 10 years old. It’s not the single player game that you profess it to be and it does have endgame. My guess is that you haven’t played the game. My favorite games in the past have been Half-life 1&2, Counterstrike, Baldur’s Gate 1&2, Kotor 1, Starcraft 2, and, as recently as 2 years ago, WoW. I like to think I’d be able to recognize a “bad” game when I see one and swtor is certainly not “bad”. A definitive “bad mmo” might be better represented by a title like “The Secret World”. Stop letting your bias dictate your definitions…you’re smarter than that.

  2. Hey guys, have any of you seen TESO being played on twitch.tv tonight?

    I saw 2 minutes but had to close my browser, I could not stand it. You can call me a troll, an idiot, a moron… but TESO will be F2P within 6 months.


    Remember Tortanic… theme park MMOs are just dead to some of us (me, Samm and some other guys…).

    IMHO twonkhammer ent should stop supporting those wow-clones-with-voice-over “mmo’s”.
    @Benjamin don’t hate me because I have had my share of fun in SWTOR, books, friday updates, deluxe edition and all. 😛

  3. Just wanted you all to know that I love the show. Keep up the great work. I also read the Forbes article by that fool who apparently doesn’t know how to do any research and see that he has posted a followup article as well. I just wanted to lay all this to rest. First off, you’ve probably already seen this article that basically puts Forbes to shame (they must hire just about anyone over there):
    Secondly, in the 33 seconds it took me to heat up a sandwich for lunch this afternoon, I did more research than the Forbes jack*$$ did for his article and came up with the following information:
    Skyrim has sold over 20 Million units world wide:
    That’s a lot of sales. Chances are the majority of people who bough Skyrim will also give ESO a chance, but let’s not even say that. Let’s say that half of those people will buy ESO on some platform and NOT even subscribe after the first month (which I think is ludicrous to say because most will likely subscribe for at least one month, right?). This is a simple math problem that Forbes guy apparently isn’t intelligent enough to handle. So if 10 million copies are sold at $60 a copy, right away Zenimax brings in a whopping $600,000,000! That’s three times their alleged budget of $200 Million, and without any subscription payments at all. Also, I think I’m probably low balling that number of people who are going to buy this, because it isn’t just Elder Scrolls fans who will try it out, but MMO fans as well, but nevertheless my point remains. Before the end of the first month the game is out, Zenimax is likely to have gotten a 200% return on this investment, so what the hell is the Forbes guy talking about? Just thought I’d give you all that information. And I’m not kidding, it took me less than 33 seconds to do that research and crunch that number because I know how to multiply and type words into Google. What a fool! Forbes should really get someone who will actually do what journalists are supposed to do: research and then report your findings objectively. Hope this helps you feel a little better about the game. Trolls are gonna troll.

    • @ProfLesko Here is the thing Lesko.

      I’ve played Skyrim, so did my brother, so did one friend of mine, so did Samm. We are four guys, my brother and my friend HATE mmo’s, so they will not be playing TESO.

      I’ve played 3 MMOs in my life: WoW, SWTOR and GW2. I’ve seen all about “the voice-over MMO” (and how all the effort put into it is wasted in the long run when everyone is max level and bored to death), the World vs World thing with the “end game PvP” that Cyrodill is meant to be, and I’ve grown tired of the gear treadmill thing back in the day with WoW and its dungeons.

      What does TESO offers to make me (or Sam, or those millions Skyrim fans) buy the game for US$ 60 and pay US$ 15 every month? Why not just keep playing Skyrim with a few good mods created by the community for free?

      IF (and that is a HUGE IF) TESO were Skyrim: Online (think of GTA V and GTA Online) were its exactly the same effing game but with other players running around, AND went B2P, I could consider buying it.

      SWTOR (we are talking STAR WARS, a huge IP, and Bioware…) went P2P and six months after launch we all knew about the upcoming F2P, server merges, cash shop, etc.

      TESO as a theme park MMO is pretty mediocre, it will not be as mature and polished as WoW, people will complain, people will bitch about it (hell, I am doing it right now just out of frustration towards this theme park BS MMOs that come out these days… or should I say this decade?), the logical thing to do is to wait till F2P arrives.

      Forbes is not a troll, and anyone that has a brain can take a look at the MMO market today and call it out. If you don’t believe them that is ok, if you don’t agree with me, fine.

      Lets wait until 2015 gets here and we take a look at how well TESO is doing.

      TL:DR – Skyrim fans don’t want TESO, they never did, we knew it was a bad idea. They want the next Skyrim. Sure there will be a few that will play TESO, and some of them will actually subscribe, but not even effing close to 10,000,000 man, MAYBE 100,000 subscribers. They will probably sell 1 to 2 million copies (just like SWTOR).

      “History repeats itself, first time as tragedy and the second as farce.”

  4. I like theme park mmos Robert, though I wouldn’t be opposed to more sandbox elements added in current and upcoming titles. Wildstar is the upcoming mmo that I’m interested in, though the only standout cash value difference between it and Swtor or WoW is the telegraph style combat.

  5. WTF are you just repeating what (a) is on ESO website (b) is already been v/podcasted by other people. very unoriginal and boring

  6. oh, but gotta say the guy who sounds like Raymond (everybody loves raymond) is just funny (and incredibly stupid).

  7. Very simply put if (and that is an “if” I personally don’t hope will come true) Teso will fail and go free to play within months it is not going be for the reason that the game has a subscription fee that Paul Tassi seems to think is a dead business model for MMO’s everywhere. It is (hopefully not) going to fail because of lack of end-game, lack of any innovation (like SWTOR), boring and repetative gameplay etc.

    The payment model is not a game killer. The gameplay is.

    • Well, the gameplay is: Dungeons, Instanced PvP, voice overs Quests that send you to pick/click/kill things. So, is it worth US$ 60 + US$ 15?

      At least WoW has Arenas and RAIDs… AND POKEMONS!

      • Consider the many dedicated fans of WOW, who have played the game for 9 years and will continue to play it for years to come, regardless of the fact that, if they have played since the beginning, they will have spent more than 1.620 $ playing the game. Is it worth it to them?

        I’m sure that there are people that will buy a deluxe edition of the game for 100$ if that was an option, simply due to the fact that they love the world of Tamriel and want to play the game with a monthly sub fee. Is it worth it to them?
        THEY SEEM TO THINK SO, and I personally do too.

        You seem to think it might not be worth the 60$ + 15$/monthly and if that is the case, that is okay too. Then don’t buy the game.

        • Yes, sure. As I stated before there will be players who will buy collector edition and all that crap, same thing happened with other niche MMOs.

          But TESO will be a subscription MMO for a short period of time, they will just try to grab as much $$ as they can from theirs fans and many will be ok with that.

          As you said, the gameplay is the killer.

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