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Elder Scrolls Online Podcast: TESOCast – Ep 39 – Imperial Arrival

Elder Scrolls Online Podcast: TESOCast – Ep 39 – Imperial Arrival

It’s been an amazing week for News, heavy topics as far as the Google can search, so prepare yourself. Ryan’s out sick, leaving Ethan, Carlos and Road to carry the massive weight of the responsibility of bringing it all to you in audio bliss. But that’s not all! All four seats are still filled with Andrew/Atropos of @TamrielFoundry sitting in! PSPlus, Voice Cast, Trailers, Pre-Orders, and more! Much more. Possibly too much. Listen in, and judge for yourself.

In the News:

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  1. I voted with my wallet yesterday. I fully embrace yesterdays news, and I am excited about playing the game.

    The Imperial is fluff, and honestly it is nice to have a CE that gives me something awesome and worthwhile for once: See Swtor

    The fact of the matter remains that in every Elder Scrolls game you’ve had the freedom of choice. This continues that tradtion In addition, just because you are one race doesn’t mean you follow your country/province blindly. There are races of all kinds and creeds living in each province. Altmer in Skyrim and Nords in Cyrodiil. For example, I was born white and middle-class but that doesn’t mean I blindly follow everything my own country says. Is this metaphor shaky? Yes, because we don’t have cat people or Lizard men but it still gets my point across. Not only that each faction is likely to have refugees from each of the war torn provinces. This isn’t lore tearing, if anything it enhances it.

    Most people identify with a particular faction and not just its races. I enjoy EB not just because of Nords but also because they just want to deal with the Daedra threat and aren’t in it for World Domination (AD) or Money (DC)

    Just because you are born a Dumner doesn’t mean you follow the Tribunal, a Nord the high-king, or an Imperial the Emperor. The races exists all across Tamriel. Not locked in their provinces.

    The voices here represent some major voices in the representation in our ESO community and for the first time in listening to this, Foundry, Alliance, and Shoddy I’m appalled. You guys make some seriously passive aggressive comments that are possibly in jest you guys have a responsibility to take objective looks at this stuff.

    • Let’s see if I can form a proper reply without going on a rant, as I so often do.

      I have full intention to purchase the Digital Imperial Edition in the coming weeks, with absolutely no intention to use the Imperial race. The horse and the pet? Awesome, I’m for those. Races aren’t a big deal to me. I primarily play Nords in the single player, and that will carry over to the MMO, so likewise the news of the “play whatever faction news” doesn’t matter.

      It does make me wonder, however, why they chose this late in the development cycle, when launch is on the horizon, to toss this into the field. They’ve played up the races, and the alliances accompanying them, as a big deal. As a result, the news of going the opposite direction was a bit of a shock. To wonder why and ask questions in this situation seems like the appropriate path, and the speculation that resulted seems equally appropriate.

      As far as what most people want, I won’t try to identify one way or the other since there’s not a poll that exists to verify that. I can only go with what I personally believe, the opinions of those I talk to, and the various posts I read online. Besides, our show isn’t a down and dirty journalistic point of view in NPR styling. We discuss the news, give our opinions on information released, and speculate about what we don’t definitively know, all while trying to have fun while we do it, because if we weren’t having fun, why do this at all?

      While previous Elder Scrolls titles allow you to pick which race you want to play, they also picked which side you play for the most part. In this MMO with multiple stories, multiple nations to commit yourself to, it doesn’t seem so far fetched to me to have some limitations in place. I even support the idea of unlocking other playable races for a given faction down the road, just as Star Wars: The Old Republic did with their Legacy system. When the lore itself can be applied to justify the limitations previous in place, I really didn’t have a problem with how they had things prior to this most recent announcement. As far as the given races not being loyal by birth do their given people, that’s true, your blood doesn’t make you who you are, loyal by birthright, but that doesn’t mean the opposite is without merit or consideration.

      Our general cast is comprised of primarily Ebonheart players, and most of us are in the same guild which is also Ebonheart based, but regardless of the Guild, I’m fairly sure each of us would have picked Ebonheart for our own reasons. Just as you’ll likely hear other fansites take shots at the factions and (formerly) races contained within, we take our own shots. Most of the time, those are in jest, a role we play. Personally, every shot I take at Khajiiti I do so because I don’t like catpeople. It’s who I am. I didn’t like the Cathar in SWTOR, either. See TOROCast (Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Longest Running Fan Podcast) for proof long before my interest in ESO.

      In the end, I appreciate your opinions, and hope you’ll continue to listen to ours! Thanks for listening.

  2. You know how should be Molag Bal main henchmen, Mark Hamill doing his Joker voice.

    I was so amped up when I saw the trailer, but then the information on the pre-orders came in ,and that amp turned into rage …. I just want to brake them in half, I wanted to play a game where there was some kind of faction war … and then you can ONLY get the imperial on the CE, what am I going to pay $15 a month for if I don’t get everything, its not a free to play game, I don’t care about pets but a hole RACE restriction, if I see them on the CARTELL MARKET I am going to… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    And yes they give the game (like it was the day before) but what about us poor people, and if you want to put something into the CE put mounts, armor that levels up with you, but you don’t restrict a RACE, mainly because most people can’t spend $100 on a game that might not even live up to the hype (thank you SWTOR)

    I am not complaining, I just hate being restricted, just because I don’t have enough money, I plan on getting the normal game, but I stell feel like I am being branded and that’s why I feel mad, would I play Imp, not at the start but like in all the other MMO’s I play at lest one of each Race, but now it looks like I will have to pay for the Imp, later when the game launches

    • The “Paygate”, as many people are calling it, for the Imperial race is a big discussion point that we’ll likely revisit in a later episode, possibly next week’s. Your frustrations are understandable, but if they release the Collector’s Edition’s exclusive features to the general public later on down the road, that would also be unfair to those people that did fork out the money for that exclusive feature. Does that mean people can’t pay extra down the line to obtain that perk? Well, like I said, that’s a different discussion for another show.

      While I’m a fan of Mark Hamill’s work, I don’t necessarily think he’d be a good fit for Molag Bal. Now Tim Curry on the other hand, that’s some voice work I’d be satisfied with.

      Thanks for tuning in, Mater!

  3. Sorry guys, no.

    If you guys thought that races were the only thing setting the factions apart, you were just not paying attention or you never played beta.

    Thank god for Faction Race-Locks being removed. Finally this game is worthy of the TES IP. Before, it was just a DAOC clone. Now, it’s a real TES game.

    • While races are not the only thing that makes the factions unique, it is one of the key features Zenimax has been showing off for quite some time. It has been an important part of the game until now, and as I said in a reply above, the sudden drop of that aspect is a shock. Many people are happy about it, many are upset. It still doesn’t bother me, either way. In the end, one side or the other will find a reason to complain and complaints will exist; no company can make everyone happy.

      As far as whether any one of us has played in the beta, I couldn’t say. Seeing how many videos have been pulled from YouTube, and how many stories I’ve read online about people having been in beta, then banned from it, I’ll just assume there’s still a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) still in place.

      Thanks for listening!

  4. Listening to this episode, it really struck me how onesided the cast here is in terms of being MMO fans and not TES fans.

    There are so many reasons that the any race, any alliance bonus is good for the game and why it will effect PvP gameplay very very little. The main thing though is how this game’s dev team has continually thought of what the MMO community has wanted over what is good for the TES player. We have had to fight to get things like firstperson view, 50+ content in other territories, and now, racial freedom. They are making choices to win back the TES fans that they lost. Many TES fans still have to be won over in other ways (like lore disagreements and level sync freedom), but ZOS is on damage control.

    The MMO crowd is almost a shoe-in, they game hop and what will keep them in ESO aren’t things like strict faction racism, but endgame content and Cyrodiil gameplay. The TES community has long been worried about this title and the preorder bonus is another good call for them.

    Also, anyone who is worried about races outside of their faction joining up and ruining the feel: be thankful it is preorder only. Check sites like vgchartz.com and see how little of a game’s population are preorder owners after a month, 10 months, 2 years. It will quickly get to a point where it is very rare to find racial converts, especially on the megaserver.

  5. On the topic of races being able to be in any faction, I’ll have to strongly disagree with the folks on the Podcast. I was disappointed a system like this was in the game in the first place, and I’m glad they have a way to opt out of it. It was too restrictive for an ES game from the get go. My best friend planned to play a Khajiit and I just can’t get into playing an elf or a cat person and being forced to be race in the Dominion.

    As we play through the story, I’m sure people will come to identify their factions for the leaders and ways their faction is represented, not just the races. For instance, as far as NFL teams go, I despise the New England Patriots. I don’t like their head coach, I don’t like his sore loser attitude, and I don’t like how the rules get bent in their favor. (See the Tuck Rule or hitting below the knee rule)

    That said, my football team, the Detroit Lions (yeah I know, they suck har har), is made up of Nords, Redguards, and arguably a few Orcs, just like the Patriots are. Each team has members of several races. If sports are any indication, people will come to support their faction for many reasons, and come to hate the other factions for a wide variety of reasons. Race doesn’t and shouldn’t play any part in this.

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